Daniel Wallen


Internet Architect

Performance Marketer

💻 2,000+ hours of code experience
💼 B.S. in business (management/marketing)
🐕 Helped 115 shelter dogs find good homes
📰 Published 200+ articles and blogs online
📈 Millions reached via social media and SEO
🖋️ 10+ years of creative/copywriting experience

Launched Websites

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Published Content

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Triple Threat Skill Stack

Together, we can reach your target market... no matter where they spend their time online.

Web Development

Timeline of my growth and evolution as a full stack web developer

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Archives from my six year stint as a freelance writer

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Performance Marketing

Highlights from the three essential social media websites

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Actively Seeking a Remote Role with a Tech Company

Contact me with your job offer or project details at: WebWallen@gmail.com