A Short and Sweet FAQ
What Internet Architects Do

A's to the Q's That Are on Your Mind

You read the Internet Architect page. But you have questions. I'll answer them.

Who is a good fit for this service?

If you don't already have a product or service, I can't help you.

I'm an Internet Architect. Not a miracle worker. You also need a budget.

How much money? It depends on your exact needs and goals. I'm not a psychic either.

To keep it simple: if you can't afford to invest at least $1,000 in your business, stop reading now.

That said, Client Attraction Towers (CATs) are perfect for service providers. I'm best equipped to help:

Pet sitters
Dog walkers
Dog trainers
Pet groomers

Yoga teachers
Online coaches
Personal trainers
Group exercise instructors


Why those specific types of people? I'm great at writing content about pets, fitness, and mental health.

Read: I know those topics well and have a firm understanding of what resonates with readers who are interested in that stuff.

If you run a different type of appointment-based business, we can talk. But be aware the cost will be higher due to extra research.

Why is this different from working with a web designer?

Most web designers build the website. And that's it. You won't even get a script for your home or about page.

That's totally fine. Most people are specialists. I'd rather be a generalist. It allows me to solve a wider range of problems.

If you work with me, I'll design your website *and* supply copy that converts. Then we'll find repatable ways to promote it online.

You can't just launch a website and expect people to find it. That's not how the world works. We've gotta direct people to your online home.

Important: you must be willing to get involved in online communities. Facebook groups especially. If you're not willing to do that, it's a bad fit.

What code tools and programming languages do you use?

This website is built with HTML and CSS. And I know JavaScript, but doubt we'll need it.

I'm also good at building websites with Webflow. To see a sample, look at this pet adoption website.

These are your two options. We'd select the one that's most appropriate for your individual preferences.

If you desire customization and are open to signing a monthly retainer, hard coded HTML and CSS might be the ideal solution.

If you want to regularly update the content yourself and are okay with using a template to build upon, Webflow might make more sense.

At the moment, I don't offer WordPress websites. That could change. For now, I can recommend another tech professional who's a boss at WP.

We'll also use Google Analytics and Facebook for Developers to measure engagement. And then adjust in real time based on what the data says.

How do you handle payments and invoicing?

Our working relationship begins with a start-up fee.

This will cover the creation of your landing and about page.

Optionally, we can set up a system to schedule appointments online.

We'll also agree to a certain content format and frequency, which will influence your total.

Options: short blogs, long-form articles, social media posts, and meta descriptions for SEO optimization.

The content marketing strategy will be tailored to fit your business goals. You'll be involved throughout the process.

After we complete every component of your Client Attraction Tower (CAT), you'll receive the option to sustain your progress long-term.

Invest in a monthly sustainability fee and you'll get to keep me on your team as long as you wish. Again, the fee depends on your unique situation.

Do you have a question I didn't answer?

If so, email WebWallen@gmail.com with the subject: "CAT."

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