Don’t Hire a Web Designer
Do Hire an Internet Architect

Internet Architects > Web Designers (Read Below to Learn Why)

Daniel Wallen here! I’m an Internet Architect for hire. Let’s get to the point...

Web designers can only do one thing well.

An Internet Architect is a Renaissance Man in comparison.

You don’t need a website. Everybody else has one.

What you need is a Client Attraction Tower (CAT). It’s like an ATM.

Content goes in. Cash comes out. You even push buttons to make it happen.

Not digits or numbers. This is an analogy. Stop taking stuff on the Internet so literally.

Instead, we need to push the buttons that trigger certain emotions in your clients or customers.

Sound gross? It’s really not. This isn't an evil scheme designed to manipulate people and take advantage of their baser instincts.

The real goal is to build a genuine connection. People don’t buy things for logical reasons. Purchase decisions tend to occur at the emotional level.

Just look at Amazon. There are tons of articles about how they treat warehouse workers poorly. People act outraged, but they have a Prime membership anyway.

Amazon benefits from impatience, the most common human flaw of all.

Nobody can beat their delivery speed. And it’s super easy to type a search term, find the thing, and buy it in one click.

Compare this to driving around town for hours, visiting many retailers despite the rise of COVID, and wasting your day with zero guarantee of finding the desired item.

Yes, you could argue the reasoning above involves mental calculations and risk assessment. But there are TWO BILLION WEBSITES on the Internet. You think they can’t find another one?

We’ve been spoiled. Nobody can compete with next day delivery.

It’s Amazon’s secret sauce. The trick is to find your own winning recipe. Together, we will cook something awesome, and your audience will find it delicious.

Victory isn’t about being the smartest. And it’s not about who works the hardest. To win in online business, you need digital real estate that attracts attention and turns it into money.

A website isn’t good enough anymore. Your competitors already have one. Neither is a Facebook page. The competition already has one of those, too. Reach a higher level or lose... badly.

Client Attraction Towers are websites on steroids.

Batman fan? I am. Imagine how his nemesis Bane gets a hundred times stronger when he takes a dose of Venom.

In a fair fight, Batman would win. Bane knows. So he uses a cheat code to stack the odds in his favor. The only way to stop Bane? Steal his competitive advantage.

Batman is the greatest warrior alive. He studies his enemies extensively. He knows them better than they know themselves. Bane loses, because the Dark Knight cuts off his supply.

Fortunately, you’re not fighting a billionaire in a bat suit.

Your competitors haven't heard of Client Attraction Towers. They won’t have a clue what hit them.

We’re not just gonna launch a website and pray people find it. Spoiler Alert: that wouldn't be successful. Why not...?

Google is a busy place. The odds of your new website beating established ones are slim. This is why a website alone isn’t good enough.

CAT’s combine web design with content creation and sales systems.

No content = no traffic.

No traffic = no clients or customers.

No clients or customers = no return on investment.

I’m not a fan of that math.

Are you? I doubt it. If you hire a stereotypical web designer, you’ll quickly discover how correct those equations are. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Most web designers don’t care about your bottomline. And they can't persuade people to invest in your product or service. They can design a website, but can't monetize it.

Sure, their design might look better than mine. Whatever. That’s fine. Would you rather have a pretty website or a profitable one? Only low IQ entrepreneurs choose the former.

You’re smarter than that. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have read this far.

If you want to build digital real estate that attracts targeted traffic with the power of a super-sized magnet while you sleep at night, book a discovery call right this second.

Discovery calls are a risk-free consultation. We’ll discuss your business in depth. We’ll also brainstorm strategies to generate leads and convert them into loyal customers.

At worst, you’ll leave with a few content ideas you might be able to implement without me.

At best, we’ll combine our brains and conquer the online battlefield.

No mercy! Are you ready to rule?

If so, click here to schedule your discovery call and soon you’ll see why you need an Internet Architect on your team.

Note: I recently created an FAQ that covers what an Internet Architect actually does. If you want to read that first, click here.