Daniel Wallen

Full Stack Web Developer with a Soft Spot for Shelter Dogs

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My Top 3 Sharpest Strengths (and 3 Fun Facts)

1. Web Development

Eat. Sleep. Code. Repeat. As a full-time Lambda School student, this is my life. I code for 8-10 hours everyday. Imagine how much experience will accumulate in a year. So, why coding? I foresee a future where robots will replace human workers. Instead of resisting that reality (which would be futile), I'm learning to communicate with the scary machines.

2. Content Marketing

Tricky thing about writing online = many people want you to produce content that gets published in their name. Thus, I can't reveal the identity of past clients. But I can tell you they've been featured in major news and talk shows such as Today, 20/20, and Inside Edition. Also: I've written as more women than men (and no one seemed to notice).

3. Social Media

Since last September, I've walked 100+ shelter dogs. I also created Facebook posts about the animals and shared them on the shelter's page. Result: 90% of those dogs have a home. I've also managed FB pages for businesses and entrepreneurs, but that doesn't make me feel nearly as proud as the previous factoid.

Work History (and Reasons You Desperately Need Me)

1. Financial Services Rep (Appalachian Community Federal Credit Union)

My #1 responsibility = keeping IRA and CD account holders happy. The CEO trusted me to make deals with these members to keep their investments locked in. Often, I raised their interest rate in exchange for expanding their relationship with the credit union. For example: actions such as opening a credit card, establishing a direct deposit, and registering for online banking. This job taught me how to negotiate well.

2. Office Manager (Bristol Family YMCA)

As a gymaholic, I enjoyed combining my interests in fitness and business. Fitness staff often picked my brain for marketing ideas. I also provided new members with tours of the facility and orientations in which I taught them how to use the equipment safely. My goal was to make a positive first impression so they felt welcome. This position showed me how to train people effectively.

3. Freelance Writer (Many Different Clients, Most of Whom May Not Be Named)

I've written content for many different industries including: automotive, fitness, online marketing, and self-help/personal development. My articles have been read by millions and shared 500,000+ times. Feel free to browse my archives at Lifehack and Pakwired, as that's where most of the content listed in my name lives. These opportunities sharpened my communication skills.

4. Waiter (Piccadilly Cafeteria)

Seems out of place, right? Even so, I had fun. Why? It was an active and engaging job where I met people with a wide variety of personality types. Also, one of my biggest mantras is: "The way you do one thing is the way you do everything." If I can't even clean a restaurant to meet a manager's specifications, then how in the heck would I write code that exceeds your expectations?

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