Daniel Wallen

Writer. Programmer. Social Media Marketer.

Social Media Is One of My Favorite Things in the World

In the past, I helped clients with social media marketing. If you read my content marketing page, you know those folks may not be named. At the present, I use several social media platforms for different purposes. The #1 most important one to me is Facebook, because that's where I help shelter dogs find loving homes.

Twitter Is Where All Web Development and Programming Related Posts Happen

I've participated in 100 Days of Code since August of 2019. It's fun to share projects with other web developers on Twitter. Often, they share insights that help me improve user experience. Below are six samples.

Whoa. Know what I just learned? If you want nav links to do a smooth-and-slow scroll when clicked, you can just add...

scroll-behavior: smooth;

...to #HTML inside the #CSS styles (assuming there are no cases where you don't want that as a default).#LambdaSchool #100DaysOfCode pic.twitter.com/wJ9h7T1x26

— Daniel Wallen (@WebWallen) December 18, 2019

Going through old portfolio pieces to make sure they're mobile friendly. Here's a fun one I heard was a big hit among @LambdaSchool TL's and SL's... it's even better now! This = my personal favorite sign-up form ever. #HTML #CSS #Javascript #ReactJs #100DaysOfCode #LambdaSchool pic.twitter.com/m9ZIhq4D6r

— Daniel Wallen (@WebWallen) December 8, 2019

Decided to develop an old build week project. Sharpened the styles (mobile especially). Changed the rating system to render stars versus a boring number. Next goal is to add an image upload form to park reviews. #Javascript #ReactJs #Refactoring #100DaysOfCode #Code #LambdaSchool pic.twitter.com/LY8NEV48gP

— Daniel Wallen (@WebWallen) November 16, 2019

Always amazed by @wesbos' ability to distill complex topics into fun and simple steps. Search functions have seemed so hard in the past. But this challenge felt like a breeze in comparison... saving this #code for future use! #JavaScript30 #JavaScript #LambdaSchool #100DaysOfCode pic.twitter.com/kgrFjHooV3

— Daniel Wallen (@WebWallen) November 8, 2019

Do you see how busy this file structure is? And it was all built from scratch. Can't believe how much I've learned in four months of #LambdaSchool (definitely a lot more than when I tried the DIY route). #100DaysOfCode #NodeJs #ReactJs #Javascript #Frontend #Backend #AllTheEnds pic.twitter.com/6BiVTsMGcv

— Daniel Wallen (@WebWallen) October 15, 2019

Redid the code for this form to boost my mind/muscle memory (no class due to the holiday, but still wanna stay sharp). And I hadn't discovered how to make videos upon the first share, so here's the functionality in all its glory. #100DaysOfCode #ReactJs #Javascript #LambdaSchool pic.twitter.com/bVwUrK2XOf

— Daniel Wallen (@WebWallen) September 2, 2019

Communication Is a Huge Deal (So I Practice on a Near Daily Basis)

For a couple months, I've been making a daily vlog (minus weekends and holidays). The goal is to get better at expressing code related concepts. I imagine this will be a big help during interviews.

Today begins the longest break I've had from code since #LambdaSchool started...

...except I'm not gonna take a break from #code at all (already had one for Thanksgiving).

The plan ---> build an adoption #app for shelters in my community. 🐢🐱🏠#WebDevelopment #AdoptDontShop pic.twitter.com/vHPxFdCmTT

— Daniel Wallen (@WebWallen) December 20, 2019

Dear Web Developers (in Training Especially),

You need to share your work EARLY and OFTEN!

(Rare for me to use All Caps, but this is serious.)

The more feedback you get, the better your work will be!#LambdaSchool #WebDesign #WebDevelopment #CodeLife #LearnToCode #Programming pic.twitter.com/XMK9hlJ4kg

— Daniel Wallen (@WebWallen) December 18, 2019

"Fail fast" is one of my favorite concepts.

Instead of over-analyzing, I just pick a strategy and try it.

Works? Good.

Doesn't? Sigh... but then I:

Learn --> Modify --> Try Again --> Repeat until Successful

I suggest you do likewise.#WebDevelopment #Success #LambdaSchool pic.twitter.com/NNrQVKU6ys

— Daniel Wallen (@WebWallen) December 12, 2019

I'm not the best web developer on Earth (not even close).

Can't claim to be the best writer either (not by a long shot).

Social media marketing? Same. I'm competent, but not world class.

But none of that matters (here's why).#WebDevelopment #LambdaSchool #Careers #Marketing pic.twitter.com/TJHGWBKV0x

— Daniel Wallen (@WebWallen) December 11, 2019

Dear Web Developers,

Stop trying to debug stuff by yourself.

Pair programming is your friend. If you have 5 people look at a bug, you'll squash it 5x faster.

And this is coming from a guy who prefers working solo (hey, I'm practical).#LambdaSchool #Javascript #WebDevelopment pic.twitter.com/HnA4tx9yEx

— Daniel Wallen (@WebWallen) December 6, 2019

Starting a new habit today: video insights for "aspiring" (watch to see why that word is in quotes) web designers and developers. This tip covers the subject of #confidence, which is super important. Enjoy! #CodeNewbie #CodingLife #LearnToCode #Code #Coding #PersonalDevelopment pic.twitter.com/JCdOElW2P5

— Daniel Wallen (@WebWallen) November 21, 2019

And Yes, I Do Have a LinkedIn Presence...

...but I'm not as active there because the reach is a tiny fraction of what I can achieve on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to send a connect request though!